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How can relocation benefit your business?
May 9, 2020
If you are the proud owner of a company in South Africa, you may be considering a move to the United States. The United States offers a host of benefits for companies. However, while moving across the ocean can be a great way to expand your business, making the shift is not easy. If you want to be successful, you will need to prepare carefully, assess your options.

The United States is massive in comparison to South Africa, with geographical differences, unique cultural differences and distinct approaches to business.
When it is time to actually make the move, you will need to be prepared to make some tough decisions.

Broaden your horizons - When your company is in multiple countries around the world, you are strengthening it by exposing it to a different culture on a daily basis. We all have something to teach each other if we’re willing to listen. The international business has a natural advantage because the differences of each culture make it stronger while exposing their products or services to more overall people.

Visibility - When a company’s market is able to expand, the visibility of its brand expands along with it. A growing international presence will therefore also make it easier in the future to continue expansion opportunities because of the increased brand recognition. This helps a business to recruit locally, negotiate better deals with distributors, and create media contacts that will help continue the marketing required.

Increase in sales - It is rather easy to recruit an international sales force these days. Marketing can happen at a local level better than ever before in almost every corner of the world due to technology. However, increased localization helps to establish local relationships, develop customer loyalty, and ultimately promote an increased level of sales.

Less competition - Although it seems like it would be the opposite, there is less competition for a business that can expand internationally. This is because a good product that sells well will actually deflate local-level competition. There will always be customers who prefer local businesses over an international business, but more markets internationally mean a greater global market share that drives away the competition.

We can help - Instead of putting your own boots on the ground, it is possible to expand internationally by contacting our team who can assist in the entire process.
Resilient to changing trends - Business trends change from time to time. Customers tend to work in mobs more than individuals because everyone likes to be popular. An international business is guarded against the changing trends of business because there is more access to markets within their targeted demographics. If a product isn’t popular due to changing trends in one market, it may be in high demand somewhere else, allowing the international business to transfer their inventory.

If you require our assistance with the relocation process and the managing of a successful corporation, you can always contact us for a free 30 minute call.

Author: Yvette Messinis

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